5 November 2019

Parampara Blog
Parampara at work at Amex.

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One of the things we love most is hearing good feedback.

We're delighted to hear of the success the Amex General Counsel's Office have had with Parampara. Lucky to work with innovative folks like Luke Wilson who are always questioning how things can be done better.

'Our business has been thrilled with the Parampara sessions that we’ve rolled out delivering legal training. It has also attracted the attention of the Global Business.' - Luke Wilson, Amex

At Parampara, we’re helping organisations get everyone up to speed on tricky legal topics, quickly and without fuss.

We give businesses bite-sized content that takes under five minutes to complete and that you can distribute simply by emailing a link. They get an absorbing session that gives them confidence at work. You get instant information on any knowledge gaps with Parampara’s detailed analytics.

Get your team up to speed on tricky topics.