26 August 2020

Get COVID Safe quickly with Parampara

This year we're all doing things we never expected we would. Pivoting and making things work. Which is why we want to help businesses get back to, well, business.

Want to get set up straight away?

You can now create a COVID register, including for NHS Test & Trace, quickly and easily using Parampara.

Accessible by QR code for your customers, you can use our COVID-safe template (see below) or jazz it up with a bit of your own content as well.

All responses will be automatically logged in your Creator results tab which is easily exported to CSV.

Be up and running in minutes so you can get back to serving your customers rather than checking them in.

Step 1.

Customers scan QR code.

Step 2

Customer completes check in.

Delivered in a message display, no more pesky forms just simple, friendly, easy to use and intuitive.

Step 3

Results appear instantly in your Parampara account.

Get started

The COVID starter template is available for free with all Pro accounts.

Need some help?

Please let us know! team@getparampara.com.

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