31 July 2019

Parampara Blog
Consumer Data Right Laws Passed.

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The Australian Consumer Data Right (CDR) is set to become law by the end of this week.

CDR requires organisations to share an individual's data, such as for banking, energy or telecommunications, with other organisations, on-demand and 24/7.

This is big news as CDR offers enormous opportunities to access data previously locked up elsewhere. It should help organisations offer more personalised products, gain customers and grow revenue. Launching with the banking sector, it will soon extend to energy, telecommunications and other industries.

The many commercial, compliance, technical, privacy and security considerations mean that almost everyone in an organisation will come into contact with a CDR project at some point.

At Parampara, we’re helping organisations get everyone up to speed on CDR, quickly and without fuss.

We give you bite-sized content that takes under five minutes to complete and that you can distribute simply by emailing a link. They get an absorbing session that gives them confidence to go grab the opportunities of CDR. You get instant information on any knowledge gaps with Parampara’s detailed analytics.

Get your team up to speed on CDR.