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6 February 2020

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This year ask your legal team for more training. No...really.

My cofounder Amelia and I used to work together at Uber.

She was in marketing and I was in the legal team.

In a fast growing company like Uber it’s fair to say that on her very long list of things to do, Get More Legal Training was not at the top.

You might be in a similar position to Amelia. Here’s my case why you should email your legal team right now and ask for more training in 2020.

Firstly, two questions for you.

Submitting your project or campaign to the legal team for approval. Is this:

How does your legal team usually receive your work?

You could just blame the personalities of lawyers. And hope that next time you go see them they won't pretend that their noise-cancelling headphones are really that good or say your latest campaign reminds them of Fyre festival.

But while you’re waiting for your lawyers' personalities to change, you can do something that will radically change your experience.

Ask them:

You might think… isn’t that stuff for the legal team to know?

But that’s just the problem. They might not be there when you dream up a campaign, when you put a deal together on a Sunday afternoon, when you discuss a potential partnership with your eight internal stakeholders or when you go to a meeting with your external agency.

And while avoiding training that might only take ten or fifteen minutes, you're actually adding hours of frustration to your life.

We chat with many inhouse legal teams. They tell us that it’s the same issues that trip people up again and again. If people just knew the top three tips and tricks in a given area, they’d swoosh through legal approval.

Imagine, speedy, breezy, legal approval. It is possible.

Maybe you love the politics and drama of trying to push something that doesn’t quite fit through the legal team. Or maybe in 2020 you’ve got enough excitement in your life. If that’s you, then ask for some focused, relevant legal training.

At Parampara we help inhouse teams deliver more engaging legal training in an interactive text message display that can be done anytime, anywhere.

Find a better way to do training.