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20 January 2020

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University Pilot 2020

University academics from across Australia will soon take part in Parampara’s first tertiary education pilot. This is a chance for innovative leaders in education to interact with their students unlike ever before. Expressions of interest are currently open.

What is Parampara?

Parampara is communication and education delivered using an interactive text message display. It gets you in front of students where they already are - their phones.

Want to see an example of a session used in a previous course? Click here.

How it works

Step 1:Write a script

Assisted by Parampara self-authoring tools, academics write content to be delivered in an interactive text messaging style.

Step 2:Deploy to class

Shared via URL, Paramparas can be emailed or posted on iLearn, Moodle or any other course learning management system you use.

Step 3:Get results

You’ll receive emails with engagement analytics. Know that your information has been read, get feedback and be informed to make sure your students are getting the most out of your classes. Engage in a two way conversation.

Why it works

Created by academics for academics.

We know students are using their phones more than any other device. Parampara meets them there and interacts with them in a way they are familiar with and enjoy.

Where it could help you
Suggested schedule
Key course dates Pre-Reading and Course commencing Mid Semester Assessment Final Assessment
Suggested Parampara Moments Welcome Parampara, Pre-Reading and prior knowledge check. Pre-assessment check in Parampara. Pre-assessment check in Parampara.

NB. This is only a suggestion. If you provide us with your course outline we can work with you to provide a semester schedule to best reflect your needs.

We're here with you

We’ll be here with you all the way. We’re happy to pop regular catch ups in the calendar or if you’d prefer we can be available whenever you need any help.

Like to join the pilot?