2 April 2020

Schools turn to Parampara

School management systems are good at pushing information out, but often lack the ability to see how your audience has responded.

Who saw your communication? What did they think of it? What else do they need?

Now, more than ever, school leaders and teachers need a feedback loop with their communities to ensure that students are supported, safe and learning.

Schools use Parampara to share important communications

Schools use Parampara to communicate important messages with parents and caregivers.

Click here to see a recent short example of a Parampara used by a school. The school was surprised that 89% of parents and caregivers preferred communication by SMS. Insights from this Parampara let them change their approach to communicating with their school community.

Teachers also use Parampara to check it with their class.

How are students feeling and coping with their studies? How can the teacher support them better?

Click here to see an example Parampara that a senior art teacher used to check in on their class.

This session let the teacher check in on student wellbeing and see which students needed extra support.

Communications are no longer just pushed out, they're interactive and data-driven.

Parampara is an interactive messaging system used by companies including Uber and American Express. It's used in universities including the University of Western Australia, Macquarie University, Australian National University and the University of Technology Sydney.

During this time of unprecedented disruption in our school communities, schools are turning to Parampara for help.

Parampara is easy to use. Here's a one minute video that shows you how you can create and share your own Paramparas:

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