7 April 2020

Teachers at leading universities are using Parampara

Universities are looking for new ways to deliver exceptional student experiences online and Parampara can help.

Parampara is a new tool that enables you to stay in touch with large groups. Whether it's sharing information or seeking feedback, Parampara offers an intuitive and engaging format with rich data.

'I am amazed at how many students are engaging with it. They are much more responsive through Parampara than they’ve ever been over email.'
Kate Offer, UWA.

Teachers are using Parampara at universities including University of Western Australia, Macquarie University, Australian National University, Southern Cross University and the University of Technology Sydney.

Parampara for student check ins
  • Deliver content in an engaging and personal way.
  • Check in and track sentiment and wellbeing.
  • Get rapid feedback.
  • Receive early warning of struggling students.
  • Give updates and announcements (and know they've been read).

Why Parampara works

  • Accessible and intuitive to use.
  • Personal tone of voice that gets high engagement.
  • Share information and conduct surveys in one.
  • Gathers rich data.
  • Easy to write.
  • Easy to share via Blackboard, Canva, email and more.
Communications are no longer just pushed out, they're interactive and data-driven.

Parampara is an interactive messaging system used by companies including Uber and American Express. It's used in universities across Australia.

Parampara is easy to use. Here's a one minute video that shows you how you can create and share your own Paramparas:

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