27 April 2020

Parampara helps you check in during remote working

For many businesses around the world their workforce went from in-office to remote overnight.

This has cued the boom of Zoom and virtual backgrounds. It's also brought less visibility of employee wellbeing and needs for support.

'I used to walk around and read the office. Now I have to guess if a break in conversation is something to be more concerned about.'
Daniel Bird, Senior HR Business Partner, GumGum

HR leaders are turning to Parampara to check in with staff.

An interactive style messaging system, HR leaders are able to check in with their employees wellbeing in a casual yet effective way.

Tracking sentiment, receiving feedback leaders have been able to take care of vulnerable or struggling employees and provide them support. Plus the ability to send announcements and know who and who has not received the information.

HR teams are using Parampara
  • Check in and track sentiment and wellbeing.
  • Get rapid feedback.
  • Alert HR teams and managers of vulnerable or struggling employees.
  • Demonstrate care and support.
  • Give updates and announcements (and know they've been read).

Why Parampara works

  • Personal tone of voice that gets high engagement.
  • Share information and conduct surveys in one.
  • Gathers rich data.
  • Easy to write.
  • Easy to share via SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.
Got a team?

Want to check in and see how they're going?

Parampara is offering an expertly written work from home bundle created just for HR managers.