Updated: 16 March 2020

Preparing to work remotely.

Here are three quick tips to get you set up and working efficiently and effectively from home.

1. Video conferencing.

There are a number of video conferencing providers including Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts. All offer a free tier or trial and have similar features but if I was to choose, my preference is Zoom.

2. Calenders and Scheduling.

If you don't already, get onto a team calendar service. Putting a daily meeting in everyone's calendar to start and end the day makes sure there is structure around your working day.

Much like a stand up would work each person can have two minutes to say what they're up to today and what they achieved the day before. I'd also suggest making sure down time is agreed on, make sure lunch is scheduled and have an afternoon hang out call twice a week.

3. Support.

Working from home is not just about the practical resources but also about the support. You can achieve this by video conference one on ones or by using something like Parampara, which is a personalised text message creator.

Employees can receive a personalised text conversation from a leader, while leaders can execute these conversations at scale and review feedback in one easy to see location.

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