Frequently asked questions

Paramparā (Sanskrit: परम्परा, paramparā) refers in traditional Indian culture to the uninterrupted passing down of knowledge through generations.

And here's how to pronounce it:

Parampara can be used anywhere that you'd like to share content and know how people have reponded. Parampara can be used to share news and announcements, training materials, surveys and to tell stories.

Scripts are the interactive content that you author and share with your audience. Think of a script as one conversation. The length of your script is up to you. People most often write Paramparas that take users 2-10 minutes to go through.

You can have Parampara for free or upgrade to a Pro plan.

While your Parampara link will be live for unlimited respondents, you can only view results for the first 30. You may have a maximum of 10 scripts in your account.

Pro plans are paid month by month. You can cancel at any time.

Parampara looks like text messaging but actually it uses your web browser. So that means there are no SMS charges payable.

Of course! Parampara is all about customisation and personalisation. Even if you buy one of our bundles or expert written custom scripts, you'll still be able to jump into your account at any time and further customise your script.

Every Parampara is shared via a unique URL that you can put anywhere. People share Paramparas by email, on their intranet, Slack channels, Facebook and personal webpages. Wherever you can put a link you can put a Parampara.

You can change the preview image and title for social media under the 'Share' tab in your Parampara Creator.

Each Parampara account comes with detailed data on how your users have engaged.

This includes when they accessed your session, their time spent and their choices and feedback along the way. You also have the option under the 'Share' tab to have users provide their email address before starting your Parampara.

Our Pro plan comes with an insights dashboard to help you dive deeper into the data.

Sure can! We have a team of expert content writers ready to prepare custom scripts for you. See details here.