Five quick steps to Parampara

1. Sign up for an account

2. Create a new Parampara and give your script a name

Screenshot of Parampara Creator

3. Write both sides of the conversation.

On the left in the grey bubbles is everything you would say. To the right in the white bubbles are the options that your readers will be able to choose from, or where they will be asked to input comments or other details.

The key to writing a two way conversation is to offer different reactions to each of the options. For example if you ask 'How are you feeling today?' and you provide three options, 'Great', 'Ok', 'I’ve been better', you should make sure you write a different reaction to each. Each reaction needs their own grey bubble.

Screenshot of Parampara Creator

4. Add navigation

Hover over any bubble and you will see an ‘Actions’ icon appear. Select add navigation and direct that bubble to the next location you would like the user to see. If you don’t select navigation, the chat will just read the bubble directly below.

Add some fun. 🎉 Don’t forget to add Gifs and emojis to lighten the mood. Have a brand asset such as a logo or a photo that you'd like to include? No worries, get in touch and we’ll make it available for you to input into your script. To add Gifs simply click the GIF button when writing a grey bubble and to add emojis click the smiley face at the end of any of the bubbles.

Screenshot of Parampara Creator

5. Click 'Create'

It's in the top right hand corner. Then, head to the ‘Share’ tab, copy the URL and bingo, you’ve got your very first Parampara! 💃🕺🏻