What next?

Awesome, welcome.

I’m going to take you through step by step here.

But if you’d prefer, you can watch a video on how to use your Parampara Creator.

Step 1: Create a Script

Click 'Create a new Parampara' to start a new script. You'll be prompted to name your script, so make sure you come up with something fun!

Step 2: Write your Parampara

When you first open a new Parampara script you’ll be greeted by our friendly goldfish.

To get typing, start with a hello in the grey bubble where it says ‘Add a message’.

Everything on this side of the conversation is anything you might say.

Once you press enter on your first message the option to ‘add a response’ will appear in a blue bubble.

It’s back to the grey bubbles from here. Remember to type a reaction in a grey bubble for each of the responses your users get to choose from. And then move on with the conversation and repeat these steps.

Expert level: Want to collect comments or feedback? Simply click the three dots to the right hand side of the ‘add a response’ bubble and select ‘collect comment’ Note: You won’t be able to guess what your users write as a comment so make sure the message that follows is kept a little open.

Step 3: Add the navigation

You’ve got your script, you’ve added some responses and now you’re ready to navigate.

Expert level: If you’re feeling up to you can do this as you go, but remember you’ll need to have script below to navigate your responses to.

Hovering over any bubble you’ll see that an ‘action’ icon is revealed. Click this icon and scroll to add navigation. Select the next bubble you’d like a user to see if they clicked on that option.

Most important lesson of the day!

Say you don't want this particular user to see the response below. Simply click the action tab on the last bubble you'd like them to read and add navigation to the next bubble you'd like them to read.

Gifs and Emojis

We're here to help you get creative! In both the 'add message' and 'add response' bubbles an emoji button is there ready and waiting. Simply click the emoji icon and choose from the emojis available. Gifs are just the same but only available for the 'add message' bubbles.

Step 4: Publish and Share

When you’re done, click the Publish button in the top right hand corner of your Creator and then head over the to ‘Share’ tab in the middle up the top.

Your link will be ready and waiting for you. Copy that link and share it to your audience. You can email it, text it, Whatsapp it and paste it anywhere a URL can go.

Want a preview? You can always click the preview button.

Note: If you make an update you must re-publish before those changes will be updated in your live script.

Step 5: Review Results

Knowing how good your script will be, the results will be quickly filling up in your Results tab of your Creator.

The results for each Parampara can be found within the ‘results’ tab of its Creator.

Want to play with the data? Copy the table and paste it into an excel or google sheet.

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This is probably the most important skill.

Our computer likes to read in order, unless instructed otherwise.

This means you need to be the traffic controller.


To help you, for every bubble created there is an ‘add navigation jump’ available when you click the ‘action tab’.

Parampara Creator screenshot

Click on the numbered bubble you’d like the user to read after the bubble you are currently adding navigation to.

Parampara Creator screenshot

The corresponding bubble number will then appear in that bubble. See below.

Parampara Creator screenshot

NOTE: For the bubble directly below, this navigation number will not show.

I’ve done all that and I still can’t get it right! Contact us and we’ll check it out right away for you.

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Skipping rows

Sneaky skipping can catch the best of us out.

This is best done once you have completed your Parampara script.

If there are rows you wish some users not to see make sure you tell the computer to skip them and direct them to the next relevant response. You can achieve this by adding navigation to your grey bubbles, in the same way you add navigation to your response options.

Parampara Creator screenshot

I’ve done all that and I still can’t get it right! Contact us and we’ll check it out right away for you.

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Adding or deleting rows

You can add or delete rows by clicking the ‘action’ toggle on any of the grey bubbles in your script.

Note: you will not be able to add a row below to any bubble that has a collect comment or user response options directly below that bubble.

To work around this, add a row above the next grey bubble below the collect a comment or user responses.

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Adding a gif

To add a Gif simply click the gif button, and search what theme you’d like the gif to show. Select from Gifs and press enter to include in your script.

Parampara Creator screenshot

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Oops! I deleted my script

I deleted my script. Can I get it back?

Unfortunately not 😔

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To publish a script press the ‘Create’ button in the top right hand corner of the Parampara you are creating.

After publishing your script a live URL and QR Code will be created and can be copied and shared from the share tab within the Creator.

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How do I share my script?

Head to the share tab within the Parampara Creator of the script you wish to share.

I am sharing an old version of the Parampara I created.

Have you checked that you have published your most recent changes?

The Create / Update button can be found in the top right hand corner of the Parampara you are creating.

I’ve done all that and I still can’t get it right! Contact us and we’ll check it out right away for you.

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Campaign id

You can always add a Campaign id and track where your users are opening their Paramparas from.

To do this add the below to the end of the shared url.


Each campaign id would need to be different.

For example if you wanted to test how many were opening it via a text message send out vs an email send out you might have two different campaign id’s.

?r=email and ?r=sms

This way you would be able to compare where people are viewing this script.

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Reading the results

How do I access the results?

Your results can be found in the results tab.

Can I export these results?

Sure can! Click the 'Download to CSV' button and you'll be able to open in Excel or Google Sheets.

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