'Moore' ways to start a conversation

With an election looming in September, Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore and her team are using Parampara to engage in important campaign messaging.

Citizen Listening 

It's like having a text message conversation with your candidate.

Parampara lets campaigns engage in conversations at a time that suits the voter. Using responsive messaging, voters feel listened to and provide real time recordable feedback that campaigns can adapt to, understanding the main drivers of their constituents. 

Campaign door knocking

Door knocking  - Time consuming  - High manpower required  - Impactful 


Flyers - low cost  - How manpower required  - One way communication

Using Parampara

Parampara  - Engaging and conversational  - Responsive  - Conveniently timed conversations  - Low manpower required  - Drives feedback  - Trackable 

Volunteer management

When you're managing large groups of volunteers get everyone on the same page with Parampara. From COVID safe check-ins and messaging, to more personal organisation and motivating communications for volunteers, Parampara enables campaigns to manage their volunteer teams for success.  

Voter Validation

Using an embedded Parampara on their website, Team Clover are engaging in conversations with possible voters, capturing the emails of those who are eligible to vote and boosting their CRM capabilities.  Check it out here.