Uber HR Checks in with their remote staff

When COVID hit, Uber employees, like many others moved to remote work in what felt like overnight. Head of Human Resources for Uber APAC, Susie Gleeson-Byrne, recognised straight away this could possibly be a very disruptive time for her people. Technically they were equipped, but how do you replicate and maintain check-ins that are so easily gauged and taken for granted in an office environment?

Over the course of four weeks, Susie and her team created weekly check ins using Parampara. Employees of Uber simply clicked a link and were immediately able to have a one on one style automated conversation with Susie. It felt personal, customised, responsive and like Susie.

'It was important for us to be able to track sentiment and monitor our staff's mental health. Parampara was instrumental in this. It also meant we could get feedback on what the pain point where for our team rather than just trying to guess them ourselves.'

Susie Gleeson-Byrne, Head of HR, Uber APAC

... We've used Parampara so many times in the Uber business and this is just one example of how easy it is to create meaningful communications with their platform. We love it!''

Check out an example of a Work from Home template here. Available on a Parampara Pro plan.